High polymer lube for bearing
Mortop's Bottom Bracket has continued to evolve after a decade of testing, making it quieter, more durable and more efficient.
MORTOP hopes to bring a new riding experience to users.

Tapered design

The tapered design keeps the bearing symmetrical and prevents looseness from reaching the gap with the aluminum cups.

Angular contact struture

The asymmetric ball track makes the life and performance of the bracket better. This design prevents the balls from being damaged by the track contact surface, creating noise and affecting performance. MORTOP's angular contact design is designed according to the rider, which perfectly matches the pedaling angle during riding, which can effectively improve the load capacity and smoothness of the bracket.

Two o-rings

Two o-rings allow the Better to closely fit with the Spindle.
The space between the two o-rings can create a vacuum-like effect.
The Better fits the Spindle to the Spindle due to atmospheric pressure, reducing the loss of power.

High polymer lube

Mortop`s high polymer lube offer the ultimate gains in performance and longevity. combined with the smoothness of the balls results in virtually no wear on the bearing.
High polymer lube brings an unprecedented smoothness before bearing, which not only reduces the resistance but also protects the bearing from damage by soil and water and prolongs the service life of the bearing.

All bearing under MORTOP from 2020 will be replaced with High polymer lube.