Company Mortop was founded in 2005, based on more than 14 years of experience in bicycle  component industry. 

The top priority is the quality of Mortop products, therefore all the production is under direct and everyday control in the Mortop plant in the Taiwan.

Most of the production is accomplished by worker, making it possible to concentrate on details, very important factor in processing compound input products and achieving maximum quality. Every product  from Mortop line is in a sense ”unique“.

Mortop has greatly helped the birth and development of modern cycling, is steeped in the innovative spirit that has become an integral part of our company’s DNA. Continual striving for maximum performance and maximum quality.

The same thread has always run through this long industrial success story: we have always looked beyond in order to offer something that was more evolved, better performing and of the highest quality.
Over the years and down through the generations, this way of thinking and creating has become a sort of natural imprinting for our brand, our company and those who work with us.